Austerity Christmas, Year 2

1. A present for the lady

      Here we are again, it's almost Christmas and the green shoots of fiscal optimism are yet to break through but, have no fear, the Two Terriers have the answer to those tricky Christmas gift problems.
      Now all those husbands and boyfriends who bought their loved one some fancy lingerie in that blind, last-minute panic of 2012; spent too much money and then were firmly reprimanded for what they purchased (anyway, just what is wrong with black and bright purple?) and you thought it would look, ahem, great, well this is for you.
      For very little outlay the idea below presents the love of your life with a thrifty, economical, common sense and home created super-useful present with just the hint of a glamorous edge. It also presses into use an old beer bottle, a cork and home-made labelling, brilliant.
      So it's down to the shed chaps and get creative, she'll love it. That's brownie points on the board for sure and just wait until you see the surprise on her face when she opens the gift wrapping.