It looks perfect...

      It may well look ideal, perfect even, but it this outing registered the first blank of the season on a normally very reliable stretch of river.
      No Pike were moving against the fry and no sign of Zander or Perch either, just the odd silver fish topping. Somewhere there must have been some weed cutting taking place because large patches of chopped underwater cabbage and reed mixed in with ash leaves kept drifting slowly by ensuring you were kept busy cleaning the line, it was like fishing into minestrone soup at times.
      Deadbait fished on the bottom, midwater and just under the surface brought not a touch. Wobbled dead roach not a touch, then after three hours, when concentration wanders the float streamed away. Predictably I missed it.
      Despite fishing deep into the dusk there was no more contact and I'm pretty sure there'll be more hard days to come.