Poles in the fog

      When I was at art school I always loved the old fashioned telegraph poles with the white pots on them, far better than all this satellite and mobile nonsense and they always made great targets for the .22 rifle as well, but we won't go into that now.
      Now we have both developed a fascination with the wooden electric poles that seem to stride across the desolate Fenland landscape quietly emphasising the emptiness.
      The great thing with these Fenland poles is the crazy angles that they lean at giving them a slightly comic quality but if you were lost in the fog and you followed them you'd always come to a dwelling of some kind.
      If you hear a banjo playing you just retrace your steps, quickly following the poles in reverse, it couldn't be easier.
      Meanwhile here are some leaning poles in the fog for you to enjoy. Now how do I get back home with the two terriers...