Terriers on the family tree

      Two Jack Russell terriers from a little further down the family tree.
      At the top, great grandfather's terrier sits happily on the rump of his horse in the 1900s. After he sustained an injury while working in the Yorkshire Coalfield he started a greengrocery business which sold fruit and vegetables at the pit gate as well as running his shop.
      Below is Peter, the black and white Jack Russell who was the scourge of every ankle that ever came into the house. I was the only person he never nipped and he became a best 'friend' and I suspect he was the inspiration for the famous phrase 'that bloody dog'.
      He really was a proper small boy's terrier and my guess is that this photograph was taken on Redcar sands in the 'Costa del Cleveland' long before it became known as Teesside.
      I think both dogs were probably a small part of the inspiration for the 'Observation and Guide to Jack Russell Terriers' and the love of the jack Russell breed in particular.

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