Let's drain the Fens

      This is a rather fine notice for investors which invited them to part with their hard-earned money and partake in the adventure of draining the Fens, but only when the Act of Parliament had been passed.
      The investors were the people who were called 'Adventurers', the Fen Tigers hated them, because it was their land that was promised as a reward for those who invested in draining the Fens.
      On Ordnance Survey maps there is still an area named 'Adventurers Land' fifteen miles or so from where we live. In a way, this means they live on, along with their mighty schemes to free the Fens from water for farming.
      The broadsheet itself is a beautiful piece of letterpress printing and the ornament at the head of the page is a delight, then there's the type. Fortunately it's framed and hanging in the hall.