Perch before the storm

      It was a little windy when I started fishing, then the wind calmed and a good supply of bait was quickly caught, a few fish were swirling and chasing small silver fish so all-in-all it looked promising.
      The farmer climbed down from his tractor and came to see me and ask 'how I was doing and could he pinch some bait and fish'. Typically he promptly lost a Pike within minutes.
      Was this going to be an action replay of his Pike catching antics in November? No sooner had that thought left my mind and down went my float and the result, a beautiful two pound plus Perch. Netted by the farmer too, now that's revenge.
      Then the skies opened, the wind blew, the rain pelted, the hail stung, the thunder crashed and the lightning flashed and crackled, in seconds I was as wet as if I'd fallen the drain, let alone sheltered.
      Not being a fan of fishing with a twelve foot carbon fibre lightning conductor in a thunderstorm I packed up to drive my dripping way home, soaked but happy.
      As always it's time for a beer but only to celebrate that lovely Perch mind you.