Small frosty worlds

      A couple of days ago we had a really frosty morning one of the few that we have experienced this winter.
      As always those changes in the weather like frost, snow or fog put a new perspective on the Fenland landscape, or the landscape wherever you live. Some times the change can last for days or just minutes in the case of this frosting where the rime melted almost as soon as the sun touched it.

      Frost always makes me look harder and closer at what's around when I walk the the two Jack Russells, well I look harder in a close-up way because of the small worlds that it creates and highlights. These are the little worlds that barely get noticed under normal weather conditions.
      There's a real transformation of the mundane, ordinary and everyday; the top of a fencepost, a of a fence rail or the frozen forest in the gap between two pieces of pre-cast concrete.
      Small works of art by Jack Frost himself.