The scary stamp

      When I was a kid a visit to Grandmothers on a Sunday afternoon always meant rooting around in the garden and sheds. This pleasurable rooting around was usually ended with a cry of 'get in the house before you get filthy, you've got your Sunday best on'.
      In the house out came the box of cigarette cards, The Victory Book and a stamp album; 'they'll keep him quiet'. They did too.
      Slowly leafing through the pages of the album and approaching 'L' for Lithuania where the scary stamp lived I had to prepare myself to look at what seemed like an angel of death. The stamp carefully positioned on the page and looking up at me. Is it a crashed aeroplane on the ground or gravestones? Strangely one piece looks like a rocket but the stamps were collected in the twenties and thirties.
      It's weird what a child's imagination can create and all bit M.R. James really. I wonder if there were any more stamps in the series?
      I hope not.