A load of old bullets

      A few mornings ago the Postman delivered a heavy Jiffy Bag and as he handed it over he said 'that feels like lead in there my boy'. Little did he know how right he was.
      The despatch was from Andrews of Arcadia and the Jiffy Bag contained old-fashioned drilled lead bullets, musket balls if you like, much better for Pike fishing, nipping large shot on to the braid can damage it.
      The bullets came in an old Allenburys Pastille tin and inside there was also a nice piece of Fenland ephemera from J. Clayton of 71 Main Ridge, Boston, Lincs in the form of a handwritten note about the delivery of an anglers long awaited and specially built 'Fenland Brand' rod.
      I hope he was as excited about the rod as I am about the drilled bullets.