Pike at four to one

      A quick afternoon's Piking on the favourite drain and four Pike caught to one Perch. Three of the Pike were in the seven to ten pound bracket with the fourth weighing in at twelve pounds ten ounces.
      However the Perch outshone them all, a real 'Company Sergeant Major' of a Perch weighing four pounds three ounces and measuring eighteen and a quarter inches in length.
      I caught another smaller perch of about twelve ounces on my bait catching rod and this fish was scarred by the parallel bite marks of a Zander running diagonally down each side, the scars about two inches apart. That interesting fact alone guarantees a return visit as soon as possible.

      Late afternoon and the skies began to darken and the promise of a good soaking was definitely in the air so home, and the wood burner, began to look ever more attractive. I just didn't like the look of those clouds nor did I fancy another soaking.
      There's always later in the week, well there is after the fence is replaced.