Half a marathon, totally knackered

     On a beautiful sunny Sunday we made the trip to Colchester to support our son and a special young lady who were both running in the Colchester Half Marathon. A show of support one third of the way round and then a drive to the stadium to cheer them to the finishing line. They finished in 1:34:30 and 2:10:44 respectively, crikey you couldn't drive round it that quickly, we were worn out just watching.

      The Weston Homes Community Stadium, home to Colchester United, formed the start and finish of the run and is yet another fine example of a sterile, atmosphere free home for a football league club. It's all very modern and Health and Safety compliant but these grounds have no memories and no patina of tradition or history, we would call them soulless.
       I was encouraged to see some kids playing penalties at the far end but no doubt they weren't wearing Colchester United shirts.
       Then we all retired to a pub for lunch and then drove back to West Norfolk, driving slowly over bridges trying to look at the water, well with the season over what do you expect?