No support needed

      There we were cruising along, me driving and the boss up in the turret, when I see a 'white' brassiere lying at the side of the road. What is it doing lying there in the middle of nowhere? It's not your average every day litter so there must be a story here.
      Whoever owned it must have been a big girl too, it was definitely a double sugar beet size.
      Now both of us remember the days of the bus shelter with one white stiletto on the roof, usually on a Sunday morning, but a bra at the side of a main road? It must have been a really wild night.
      Talking of wild nights maybe the high winds that have been blowing across West Norfolk ripped it off a clothes line. If they had it would have come up on Lakenheath's radar and probably got a pair of F15s airborne to check out a possible UFO.
      Alright I'll keep my eyes on the road.