The strange case of the Jack Russell and the empty Walnut shells

      Our nine year old female Jack Russell, Minnow, has developed a strange and eccentric habit during the last few months. When we're out for the twice daily walks she has started collecting Walnut shells and presenting them to me.
      They have to be empty too, she picks them up carefully and drops them at my feet, never two, just a half at any time. This morning she found two matching halves of a Walnut, barked and pointed at them with her nose until I went over and picked them both up. Where has such strange and weird behaviour come from?
      Then she caught a rat, now that's much more like a Jack Russell.

      There are plenty of Walnut trees in the local landscape and the windfall nuts have been collected by Crows and dropped from a great height by the birds who then prise open the weakened shell and eat the contents. Could they smell of Crow? I don't know.
      We are hoping she moves on to find gold or coins or a Viking hoard, now that really would be useful.  Meanwhile she seems to be becoming just as eccentric as her owners.

Minnow is featured in The Terrier Book, not collecting Walnuts, but flying through the Fenland night by moonlight.

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