This is the end...

      Friday, as we all know, was the last of day the coarse fishing season and the last afternoon was spent Pike fishing into the twilight with John Andrews of Arcadia.
      Cooler temperatures had kept away the scum that had been rising from the bottom of the drain in higher temperatures and a light breeze was blowing over the Fen but, despite no rainfall, the water level was about eight inches above the normal level. Thankfully the pumps remained idle all afternoon.
       Fresh bait was exceptionally difficult to catch so there must have been some subtle changes to the underwater environment; temperature, air pressure or light, and for the first time there was absolutely no sign of any Pike hunting and crashing into the silver fish. It seemed to us that it was a little like 'all quiet on the West Norfolk front'.

       However, six Pike were caught, the best was fifteen pounds with the rest of the fish being in the six to nine pound range with a few Perch thrown in for good measure. The last run of the day resulted in a furious head shaking and swirling with the bait being returned minus the Pike. We never saw this one, only the swirls and turbulence it created.
       By six o'clock the drain was calm and quiet with no sign of life apart from the odd Coot paddling around and the Kingfishers zooming into and out of their nest under an old willow tree. The coarse season was gently drifting to an end and it was quite clear that it was obviously Adnams o'clock.
      Domestic jobs calI now, decorating and gardening and hopefully, knocking the dust off the trout rods too.
      I hope the Pike enjoy their three month spawning holiday, we will be back in October to see our green friends.