Early plum blossom

      The first blossom in the orchard has appeared on the early plum trees, Laxtons Early to be precise, and now we have to pray that we don't get a hard frost.
      The other natural element that causes damage is hail, as the blossom falls away and the fruit begin to form the immature plums are very vulnerable to the battering and subsequent bruising caused by hail. The trouble is that there always seems to be a hailstorm in May, so here's hoping for a hail free May. Meanwhile there's a hint of summer in the orchard with all the bees buzzing, busily pollinating the blossom.
      The Laxton's plums are small and very, very tasty, they make beautiful jam and jelly and if you eat too many of the irresistible little beauties whilst you are harvesting them they keep you running.
      Just what the doctor ordered, one of your five-a-day and plenty of exercise.