F15s from the 48th

      Our friends from the 48th Fighter Wing, or the Liberty Wing, were roaring around the sky a week ago and giving us a few low(ish) passes, mind you they are never low enough as far as we are concerned.
      We'd like a really proper low pass at about one thousand feet with the afterburners going and some real noise; then straight up to ten thousand feet. No doubt noise abatement and lots of other people would jam the switchboard at Lakenheath with their complaints but not us.
      One of the two Jack Russells, Minnow, loves them and she chases the jets over the fields trying to catch them and comes back, having sent them on their way totally exhausted. No surprise there.
      The sound of jet fuel being turned into noise is a constant part of the soundtrack in West Norfolk. Whether it's the Tornados from RAF Marham, the Typhoons from RAF Coningsby or the big USAF tankers, AWACs and transports from RAF Mildenhall but in our part of Fenland, the noise mainly comes from the 48th Fighter Wing based at Lakenheath.
      You could say it's the sound of freedom, or liberty if you prefer.