Hanging on the gallery wall

The Float Box

      A couple of weeks ago a friend asked if he could buy a copy of a print that featured on the front cover of Waterlog Magazine's tenth anniversary edition in 2006. The linocut is printed in two colours and then carefully hand coloured, each layer of watercolour only being added when the previous colour is absolutely dry. This really is a labour of love.
      Our son has the original hanging on his wall and another friend has a copy too, so this is only the third print to be completed to the fully finished, hand coloured image.
      Like every float box it has floats in it but with the addition of shot, hooks bits of line, hempseed and tares, old ledgers and plummets and the obligatory dead bluebottle.
      The Float Box measures 210mm x 210mm and is printed on 300gsm Somerset Satin White in two colours and hand coloured.