Jack Russells in paradise

      Our two Jack Russell Terriers doing what they do best whilst out for a walk, rooting around the farm and enjoying a little bit of prospective hunting. It doesn't matter what the weather is, fog, rain, sun, frost or snow; they know an opportunity to exercise the prime directive will present itself at some point during the walk.
      Minnow is staring at a rat hole near the Nissen Hut and Barney knows there is something wonderfully horrible in the wood pile, it's just a matter of patience, and if you don't get anything now there's always the return trip. Well there is if we come back the same way.
      So great is the focus on the matters in hand that they have to be manhandled away from their selected areas if the walk is to continue.
      That really is focus and dedication at work.

Minnow and Barney are both featured in The Terrier Book along with Pike and Rufus, not digging holes or perusing log stacks, but flying and looking moody. The Terrier Book is featured in the April issue of the The Field magazine in a lovely revue written by Alexandra Henton.
For information on the book, Being an Observation and a Guide to the Jack Russell Terrier click on The Terrier Book in 'Labels' on the home page. The book can be purchased for £30.00, plus £1.95 First Class post and packaging in the UK, direct from The Two Terriers by email on jarsue159@btinternet.com or simply telephone 01945 773850 or contact us through the blog.