Let them eat cake and bread

      Well that's a compromise that works very nicely for me and the Boss has had a truly busy morning making fresh bread and a cake.
      There are the stages; rising with the cross cut in the top of the dough to keep evil and the devil out, followed by shaping the dough and then the finished loaves. The bread, made with locally sourced flour from Letheringsett Mill, should keep us, or at least me in toast for a day or two, and then there's the cake.

      To be more precise it's a coffee cake made with good old-fashioned Camp Coffee and filled with a marscapone coffee cream filling, oh dear, I think I'm just going to have to force it down. We're sure that our farmer neighbour will offer to help too, well all that working on the land gives you an appetite.
      With a cup of freshly brewed Tanzanian coffee or a pot of tea it will all go down a treat.