Purple passion

      No, it's not a typical Saturday night in West Norfolk but the name of this particular asparagus variety and our enthusiasm for the crop can be described as a passion too.
      Most growers start cutting in May until the 21st June but this year, because of the mild weather, the season has started early so we're eating all the asparagus we can. Young and tender like these shoots it is absolutely delicious.
      Lightly boiled for three minutes and served with butter, cooked on a griddle with just a brush of olive oil then added to a warm salad, wrapped in Parma Ham and baked in the oven, dipped in boiled or poached eggs instead of toast fingers, cooked on top of a homemade pizza, made into asparagus soup with white Cromer crab meat added, all utterly fantastic.
      No doubt by the 21st June our enthusiasm might have waned but, meanwhile, keep on coming asparagus.