Rust, red and NBDB

      Yet another piece of weathered art from West Norfolk featuring rust, red and our most favourite heritage paint colour, Norfolk Bog Door Blue. This marvellous work of modern art is in fact a diesel tank and it holds red diesel, of course.
      We can see this piece of work fetching a monstrous sum at some swanky London gallery or an even swankier London auction house.
      An opportunity for a touch of the 'Lovejoy', a bit of patter, the right client with a modern 'architect' designed house or flat and wallop, that's a lovely roll of readies in the back pocket and then you drive straight back to West Norfolk in the Morris Minor convertible and enjoy a pint of the local brew.
      At the moment we reckon that the diesel in the rust, red and NBDB tank is worth more than the exterior art work.
      That's the art world for you, fickle as ever.