The flying lawnmower

      The other evening we heard the sound of what must be a lawnmower but it's overhead, not on the ground. The pilot appears to be sitting in a sling with the engine right behind him and with the engine right behind him the noise must be deafening, it's noisy down here.
      The wing looks a little like a much larger version of my kite but I do hope the aircraft isn't as aerodynamically twitchy and precarious as the kite.
      He is pretty high here but it was the weekend so there are no F15s or Tornado jets charging through the sky; now that kind of meeting would be frightening. I'm sure that the turbulence behind one of those jets would send him down like Icarus and there doesn't seem to be a parachute or ejector seat as part of the equipment either.
      Never mind, live dangerously and enjoy the view, it must be fantastic.