Hanging on the gallery wall

Flare Path II. Nightlights

      A re-working of a previously produced print, this time as a nocturne, and the first of a new series depicting the Fenland landscape at night.
      This little cottage sits at the junction of three small drains that finally run into the Middle Level, it is also one of those scenes that we see every day when we walk the two terriers, and we see it in all weather conditions and seasons.
       'Flare Path II. Nightlights' is a linocut printed in seven colours on 300gsm Fabriano Artistico Extra White and measures 300mm x 210mm.
       All of the prints that are shown in 'Hanging on the gallery wall' can be purchased direct from the Two Terriers by simply contacting us by email on jarsue159@btinternet.com or, on what andrews of arcadia calls the field telephone, by dialling 01945 773850.