Was Capability Brown a pike fisherman?

      The boss and I have been working, well me being supervised by the boss, on this border for two years after removing all the rampant mile-a-minute and more mallow and weeds than you could ever shake a stick at.
      Now, having got it all planted and growing with the Hollyhocks, Lupins, Delphiniums and plants than I don't even know the names of we've realised that the planting will have to be reviewed in the winter and plants moved around.
      This raises a problem. Winter is pike fishing time and that time is already accounted for. I have pointed out that Capability Brown was fairly good at gardening but really he was a keen pike fisherman.
      That's why he created so many lakes, for him winter was the gardening close season. A time when he could sort his gardening concepts out while enjoying a little 'me time',  planning ahead and imagining himself wandering round the follies, ruins, willows and boathouses designing and building some quality swims in his next series of projects.
       I have a feeling that strategy is falling on stony ground.
       As we gardeners say.