Norfolk shabby chic

      The Two Terriers have found just the thing for the trendy, stylish metropolitan kitchen, although it does look as if it has been re-claimed from Miss Havisham's kitchen.
      The Lot 319 is a novel addition to any kitchen and perhaps every door may have to be numbered to wring the maximum impact from the concept.
       One refinement we would recommend to our clients is to have the cobwebs painted on rather than being real cobwebs. Real cobwebs would make maintenance costs just too high.
      Think about it, you'd have to catch spiders every week after cleaning to maintain the 'look'. No, we would suggest the full trompe l'oeil look should be specially painted on the cupboards by Italian cobweb painting experts.
      Remember you heard about this new trend/concept first on The Two Terriers.
      'Yes darling, I'm coming, just pointing up my sable brushes for our project'.
      Now where did I put my smock.