Those damned slugs are at it again

      A massive and very early field mushroom decimated by the slugs. Damn them. They must have thought it was a slug Christmas and a birthday rolled into one.
      This wonderful specimen would have complemented at least two full English breakfasts but all is not lost. The slugs may have munched their way through this blissful treat but with the slug pellets in place around the monster we are going to let it cast its spores over the area around it.
      Sneakily we have been spreading mature horse manure all over this section of the orchard so this small outbreak of frustration and the patience following the shocking discovery will pay off over the next few months.
      I'm still cross with the slugs.
      However, two days later the full English Breakfast is back on, more field mushrooms have been found in the orchard. 
      Oh yes. Stuff the diet police!