A touch of the Barnes Wallace

      There I was sitting on a log while the two Jack Russells were trying get at the rabbits, mice and rats that live under the pile of timber when the germ of an idea began to develop.
      Staring at the two-fingered remains of the long dead apple tree it could quite easily be converted into a brilliant, oversize catapult.
      Buzz the nobbles and lumps off the logs with the chainsaw and square things up a little and at the same time adjust the angle of lean. Some nice stretchy inner tube from a big tractor tyre and we have the beginnings of a super catapult.
      Buy some goggles for the terriers and its 'terrier scramble'. In fact they'd be up there with the 48th Fighter Wing's F15s and on the radar too; both of the terriers now have their call signs, Slubber and Ratcatcher.
      They say the devil finds work for idle hands.