Alien in the greenhouse

      Every year we grow a selection of chillies for the boss to make prized and coveted chilli sauce and apple and chilli jelly. This variety is called Bulgarian Carrot and when they ripen surprise, surprise, they look just like a carrot.
      Bizarrely this plant looks as if it's got a different variety on it, more like an Habanero or simple Capsicum, but it is growing on the same plant.
      Have our alien friends come early for their apples and irradiated the greenhouse with their magic ray instead?
      After I've called the 48th Fighter Wing at Lakenheath to check their radar log, and to persuade them to keep a couple of F15s on standby just in case, I'd better look at the tomatoes on the other side of the greenhouse.
      You just don't know what's goes on after dark.