Cherry bum

      As you know the Two Terriers actively champion local produce, if it's in season and local we'll buy it or barter for it.
      We've also brought to your attention a variety of strange vegetable and fruit oddities; risqué courgettes that looked a little like an Anne Summers novelty, well we were told they did, we wouldn't know about things like that in West Norfolk. Plums that looked like buttocks, bizarre potatoes, apples and naughty tomatoes.
      So, here's a first for this year, a cherry-bum, not one of Lord Cardigan's 11th Hussars from the Crimean War, but a proper cherry or cherries. Conjoined you might say.
      Crikey the boss has quickly eaten it, or them, depending on your point of view.
      That wasn't ten minutes of fame, more like three minutes, a chew, then spit the stones out. What a way to go.