Diamond on the wall

      The bright white of the diamond cartouche, or plaque, doesn't really enhance the readability of the letterform announcing 'HP Diamond House 1900' but it's a splendid piece of work nonetheless. The JP in the bottom point of the diamond must be someone's initials just like the HP in the top of the diamond.
      We're still amazed at the variation in the letterform, style and the names incorporated in these little pieces of commemorative art. Hand cut letterforms, whimsical names and sometimes nothing more than a date but somehow they just look right.
      Some new houses are beginning to have similar plaques built in but they look moulded and computerised by comparison; sterile is the word that springs to mind but the Victorian and Edwardian examples have a certain pride built into them. Perhaps because they are not added as an afterthought.
      Diamond House is built with rather splendid bricks too.