Hanging on the gallery wall


      A new linocut in eight colours with the subject being the glowing oilseed rape fields when they are in full flower.
      The acid yellow of the oilseed rape is the dominant colour in late spring and early summer gradually giving way to the golden brown of the wheat and barley, then come the browns of ploughing and harrowing as the farmers start the cycle of crop growing all over again.
      Oilfields is a linocut in printed in eight colours on 300gsm Fabriano Artistico Extra White HP and measures 300mm x 210mm.
      All of the prints that are featured in 'Hanging on the gallery wall' can be purchased direct from The Two Terriers.
      You can also purchase the limited edition art book Being a Guide to the Jack Russell Terrier.
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      The photograph at the bottom shows Barney who features in the Guide to the Jack Russell Terrier as Patch '…a rather dangerous and unreliable kind of terrier … an unlovable rogue unless he happens to be yours.' The other half of the Two Terriers, Minnow, is in the garden following the prime directive, she's out ratting in other words.