Siesta practice

      Last weekend the Two Terriers were in Murcia, up in the mountains for the wedding of a very good friend and we gently baked in the 40C+ heat. Obviously we had to up our game for the siesta so we just got ourselves single minded, focussed, and practiced. Every day.
      There's a clue about the practice in the top picture, see if you can find it.

      We loved the wiring on the wall to right of the tapas bar and there is an attention to detail here that we just don't see in England. Is the wiring for electricity or super high speed, fibre optic internet connections? It may look a mess but the internet and mobile telephone signals were excellent, which is more than we can say for the same signals in mountainous West Norfolk and the Fens.
      Mind you the engineer definitely didn't suffer from OCD when he was tidying the wiring.

      If you were bored with the hard work of enjoying the siesta? Well there were, apparently, other distractions available for the discreet and discerning gentleman and lady should they wish to enquire further.
      There was even a coach party visiting so it takes all kinds. 
      Something for the weekend señor?
      No, just a beer for me thank you.