Figgin' regular

      We all know the benefits of the mysterious fig. Don't we?
      When we were kids dried figs were a much anticipated Christmas provision, like dates and tangerines. If you were a glutton for figs you just couldn't deny that you were the culprit that had eaten two thirds of the packet of dried figs in an afternoon.
      Too many visits to the smallest room had the finger of blame pointed squarely and not unreasonably, at you. No wonder they fell straight through you, the pack was shaped like a small brick and just as heavy too.
      Here are some of the fruits of our fig trees and rather splendid they look too.
      Do you like small juicy brown ones or huge, slightly drier green ones? Just get stuck in is what we say, and to hell with the consequences.
      Just don't go for a long walk or cycle ride, you know what the bottom line is...