I see rivers overflowing...

      A truly wet Friday, and then some. At lunch time there was no rain, then a little light rain rapidly followed by the ever worsening, really serious, stair rods monsoon downpour that had the drive running like a river.
      By the time the evening had arrived our rain gauge showed a whisker under four and a half inches, and most of that fell in two spells of full on rain-fury. The weather played its usual tricks too, just when you thought it couldn't get any heavier, it did, just to prove you wrong.

      The result of Friday's rain was that the dykes filled up at a dramatic speed. Overnight the long dyke, which has rudd, roach, small bream and perch in it rose by around seven feet. The fish must be thinking that it is aquatic holiday time.
      Sunday morning and walking the two terriers was a somewhat watery affair and we found that the dyke had risen to be flush with the drove, that's probably another foot of water.
      All along the Sixteen Foot the pumps are working hard to lift the water from the dykes into the drain and the Middle Level Commissioners are furiously pumping the main drains to lower the levels.
      Meanwhile Sunday isn't looking too promising either with the heavily charged sky promising a little more rain perhaps and thunder rumbling in the distance.