My, what a big halo you've got

      A strangely hazy Fenland day with the sun performing all sorts of masterful of tricks and effects with the light.
      There were Rainbows, Parhelions and finally this brilliant Halo Arc. We did a little research on the phenomenon and apparently there is a halo display, on average, every three days.
      If you were up there flying your F15 around above the clouds no doubt there is much more to see. Thinking about it you'd probably get bored with all these phenomena around your sleek fighter jet and just treat it all as another day in the office.
      I wouldn't get bored up there but the boss says that it would have to be a Hercules C130 in order to have enough room in the cockpit. Cheek.
      Well, that or a tailor-made cockpit in an F15.