Nice and red and nice and shiny

      It's that time of year again and the first apples ready to be picked in the orchard are, appropriately enough, Discovery.
      When the Discovery apples begin to get really ripe the apples have a pink marbling in the flesh like a raspberry ripple, they're delicious at that stage but this early they have a really fresh sharpness to them.
      Picking one to eat every time the two terriers are walked is not a problem; in the evening they are warm because of the sunshine but in the mornings, boy are they cold, you would think that they had come straight out of a refrigerator. Beware those fillings.
      The big problem is that it is all too easy to over indulge in fresh fruit at the moment. There is just so much to choose from as all the plums and the other apple varieties ripen.
      The time of plenty continues, wonderful.