Blythe Spartans

      Solo patrols in the orchard for the last few days, Barney lost a claw from his left front paw, one of the digging paws so he's been confined to barracks, much to his fury. Now all of the rat hunting duties are up to Minnow. She may look benign but the confirmed kills in the last month are now into double figures. Must start stencilling them on her flanks, fighter ace style.
      The apples shown here are Spartans and not quite ripe yet but the rats climb up the trees to eat them despite the fact that there are plenty of windfalls. Mind you ground level is Jack Russell ground attack territory so maybe they are sensible staying up the trees for their one-a-day, but then that's .410 territory.
      Compared to the wonderful Discovery apples that are now at their peak the Spartans have a tough chewy skin and we find them quite unpleasant to eat but they have their fans and the rats don't seem to care either.