The boathouse of my dreams

      In my fantasy purchase, after the boss has won a huge sum on the lottery, there we are strolling around the country estate we fancy. Then, down in a distant corner of the lake I see this simply splendid boathouse. It's Victorian but who cares? Images of pike, perch and tench float in front of my eyes.
      That's it I say, we'll take it. No offers just get the legals out of the way and lay in some groundbait.
      The run-down pile of a house behind us, the boathouse, the sluice to stop your flower beds getting flooded, goodness knows how many acres (who cares), and the Capability Brown landscaped grounds are all going to be mine, sorry ours. Sorted.
      Now I quite definitely know that Capability Brown was a pike fisherman and he designed all this knowing that one day I would arrive.
      Careful dear, you nearly wandered into the lake then. Surprised I didn't get a push.
      Damn it, it was all a dream, so make mine a lucky dip please.
      No not that kind of dip.