Victoria bum rides again

      It's that time of the year again when the plums in the orchard are exposed in all their loveliness. Strangely we only ever see Victoria Bums on the Victoria Plums. Thinking about it that seems reasonably logical but these strange conjoined plums never turn up on the Laxtons Earlys, Marjorie Seedlings, Tsars or the fabulously named Burbank Giant Prune.
      Eat half a dozen of those large Burbanks and you're a pig.

      Anyway, we picked ten pounds of Marjorie Seedlings yesterday morning so the boss can press on with her first batch of plum jam before the plums go over the top and become too ripe.
      One unlovable creature that is conspicuous by its absence so far is that black and yellow suited bastard the wasp, long may that absence continue. Usually they are on the windfalls and rotten plums getting drunk and I've never come across one that isn't a fighting drunk either.
      The season of plenty has to have one downside I suppose but here's a real upside. The finished product. Lovely.