All Hallow's Eve

      It's that time of the year again when things go bump in the night, when strange noises make you go all wide awake and wide-eyed  when you're lying in bed with the lights out. Is it the wind howling in the wires or in the poplar trees? Maybe the wind is just rolling a plant pot about or blowing over some wood?
      The sky certainly has a brooding quality to it and with those clouds it will be inky black when darkness finally falls.
      What do you mean, 'would I like to get a couple of apples from the orchard?' We're having cheese for supper, oh good, that'll only make the dreams worse.
      I'm up for a pint of Ovaltine and the earplugs firmly in place on a night like this, or better still a couple of pints or three of Abbot Ale.