Five pike, one perch, four hours of rain

      A late October afternoon and it's dull and much, much cooler and as far as I'm concerned absolutely perfect for the first serious outing in pursuit of pike. Having met the farmer in the morning while I was walking the two terriers he told me the surface weed had gone and the drain looked in good condition. So far so good.

      From the moment the first cast went into the drain it started to rain, not heavy but remorselessly steady for four hours. Bait fish were very hard to catch but enough were caught to lure five pike and a plump perch, plus a pike that was lost in the lilies and that resulted in all the terminal tackle going. It must have been a monster. Well I would say that wouldn't I.
      Now my appetite is whetted for the next outing and some new, private and unfished venues to explore.
      What excitement, it's just like Christmas when you were kid.