Hang your torch or spike your head

      A sunny Wednesday and a visit to the 'Ship of the Fens' with some family from Canada. The amazement at the immense building that is Ely Cathedral gradually begins to focus on the smaller, intriguing and often puzzling artefacts.
     What is this lump of wrought iron work sticking out of the ancient wall?
     Well it doesn't seem to be complete but I reckon it used to have a torch inserted in it for an early form of street lighting; to help the pedestrian avoid the turds around the Bishop's Palace.  One can't soil one's vestments can one.
      Somebody said it could have been a stake for human heads but that does seem a bit far fetched, they would have been on spikes on the city gates, not dripping on you as you returned to your palace for a quick pint of mead.
      We'll file them under strange but interesting.