Hanging on the gallery wall

Incredible. It's gone round the wall

      Following Middlesbrough Football Club is not easy. Never was. Never will be.
      Like all football supporters humour is part of the inoculation against misery, just like grandfather's favourite about Boro, 'good on paper, shite on grass'. Or even mum's favourite, 'Boro, they're like worn out bra, very little support and no cups'. You'll have worked out the cynical, ironic thread here. Sadly mum died the year before Boro won the Carling Cup but the cynicism lives on, believe me.
      Anyway, that's all a digression. This print is one of the replica kit series and a young supporter is practising his free kicks while wearing his several sizes to big replica Stewart Downing shirt and he's bent a beauty round the wall.
      A defensive wall comprising a gadgie walking his Jack Russell. You can almost hear the cry, 'you little bugger, you could have taken my head off with that.
      In your dreams gadgie.