It's collecting Jim, but not as we know it

      We know it's a little bit nosey but we just can't help ourselves, there's nothing quite like peering into old shed and pigsties.
      Obviously if you're a farmer your perspective of 'stuff' to be kept for further use is different to that of a stamp collector or just a householder. It's collecting but not as we know or understand it. Some collect for re-use or recycling, some collect because it's a compulsion and others collect to show their obsession and their prized collection.

      With farmers it's hoarding because they can't bear to get rid of 'stuff' and it might just come in useful. The amount of times I say to the farmer neighbour 'have you got a…' and he has, buried somewhere in the system that only he understands.
      There's gold and treasure in them there pigsties.
      I think the two Jack Russells are in for a treat this afternoon looking for their version of treasure in those disused buildings.