Never stand under a Barn Owl

      We love to see owls, any owl, Barn, Tawny or Little and we love to see them at work hunting across the fields and through the orchards.
      This creatively splattered 'whitewash' is underneath one of the favourite roosting places of our local Barn Owl and he also leaves his regurgitated pellets of fur and bone across the floor too. Quite obviously he or she sits up there in the roof relieves themself at both ends and then sets off to find more prey and start the process all over again.
      We reckon we should put a canvass on the floor and build up enough work for an exhibition. Artists have used elephant droppings so why not owl Droppings. I can see it now, a new West Norfolk art movement, with exhibitions in the finest galleries.
      The West Norfolk Owl Movement.
      That works for me and I'm sure there'll be quite an output from this new art movement.