Rain, weed and jack in a net

      All pike fishermen know that October should be really be called Piketober, it's when the pike season begins after all. The big trouble is that today October felt more like a warm spring day, and the weed growth thinks it is spring too. Despite all that it's the first outing.
      There was even an 'April shower' although it was of biblical proportions. The rain coming down like stair rods and needless to say, the only pike of the afternoon arrived right in the middle of the storm.

      I'm just praying for some frost to kill the weed off and clear the margins of all the rubbish marginal weed and to reduce the sub-surface weed too.
      Margins? Calling the weed growth marginal seems to be a bit of an exaggeration.
      The weed growth extends for ten or twelve feet out into the drain, on each side, and it is really dense. One jack pike of about three pounds in the net and safely returned, three fish, perch I think, were lost in the dense underwater salad. The sooner we get a couple of good hard frosts to lay this rubbish low the better.
      I'll be back again before the week is out because you never know, maybe the weed will be washed away or the weather will cool.
      Anglers, we're all optimists.