The Pumpkin front

      It's that time of year again, pumpkin harvesting time, and because of the heavy rain the fields look like a battlefield and in turn, the roads look like they're a field of mud.
      Prior to this potatoes have been harvested and a great amount of sugar beet too and mercifully they were harvested in relatively dry conditions, so no mud in the fields and no great mess on the roads.
      Here are two views of one of the pumpkin fields, at the top a more picturesque postcard kind of view and below the grim reality of the filthy job that it is. However the pumpkins are not all for Halloween, a local farmer told us that the pulp is used to bulk out jam and to put added fibre into industrially produced pies. It is also added to some pet foods for the same reason. 
      I'm sure some of the hired labour will be lost forever in that mud bath but at least the orange relieves the brown of the mud.