After the walk

      Well, the three of us have walked two or three miles through the mud and clag and since arriving back home the four legged members of our party have had a quick rub down with a damp towel to get the mud off, devoured a biscuit or two and they're completely knackered.
      Minnow, the ratting queen, is lounging on the church pew and Barney has adopted his strange yoga position and is all squared away on the squared rug.
      It's a hard life being Jack Russell Terrier. 

      Meanwhile you can order your copy of the limited edition book 'Being an Observation and a Guide to the Jack Russell Terrier' direct from The Two Terriers by simply emailing or using the old-fashioned telephone on 01945 773850.
      The book costs just £30.00 plus first class post and packing in the UK.
      Already the book has journeyed to New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Canada, Europe and, of course, the UK and Tyneside.
      All of our four terriers, Pike, Rufus, Minnow and Barney are featured in the book which has fifteen illustrations each printed from the original handcut linocut blocks.
      The entire book is hand typeset, hand sewn and printed letterpress by Martin Clarke at Tilley Printing.