Aliens at 12 o'clock

      I know that we'd had a couple of beers, well Babycham for the boss of course, but if we've ever seen an alien space craft de-cloaking above the orchard this is it. The big one.
      It is so clear it barely needs describing but for the cynical few, I will.
      The two tail fins are visible at the bottom of the ship and the stabilisers, for flying in our atmosphere are clearly visible as well. Three glowing portholes just in front of the tail fin and the nose is stealth black. Well I assume it is, with cloaking technology it hardly seems necessary but maybe aliens like a bit of a 'belt and braces' approach to technology when they're cruising the cosmos.
      This time I didn't bother ringing the 48th Fighter Wing at Lakenheath knowing that they were having their supper at the time and besides it's hardly worth filling up with super unleaded when they're back with the mother ship. In these straightened times you do have to think about wasting fuel.
      Here's hoping they enjoy the Bramleys they picked, they'll still taste good when they get back home.