Bathroom window, sidetracked

      We were in Lincoln last week continuing our hunt for a new window for the bathroom. While we were in the cathedral I got chatting about our window problem with a very important man in black, in an office, but not the Bishop I hasten to add.
      He said that reluctantly they couldn't let the Rose Window go unless we had the extension all ready to fit it into, quite reasonable really, you wouldn't want all that glass and lead piled up in the front garden while you waited for scaffolding and bricklayers, never mind the crates of glass cleaner you'd need. What a jigsaw puzzle too.

      Then we talked about the garden project and he came up with a few constructive suggestions using some of the carved stone seats in the knave and a section of the frieze on the facade but the crowning glory was the chandelier that was lowered and polished up specially for us to inspect.
       It's amazing how you can go shopping to check one thing and then solve two problems you didn't know you had, having not got what you needed. The boss tells me this is quite normal when you go shopping, I never do, go shopping that is.
      That chandelier will look fantastic in the hall and the garden project is coming together nicely too.
      Two birds with one stone, now that is a bonus.
      Looks like it will have to be York for the window after all.